Pearls for Acing your Virtual Interviews


  • Optimize your set up!  Lighting, camera quality, and sound quality all help to create the best virtual impression possible.  A little known tip is that a good quality camera like a DSLR can be converted into a webcam!  If you have a camera a home, a quick online tutorial will show you how to set it up. The video quality is impressive and surpasses most external webcams.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Feel comfortable in front of the camera by practicing before your actual interview. Record yourself answering questions you expect like, “tell me about yourself” or “where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?”  You might pick up on subtle distractions on camera like moving in a swivel chair (pro tip: get a stable chair!) or looking off camera at times. The more comfortable you feel looking into the camera, the more poised and confident you will come across in your interview!
  • Prepare for the unexpected. Anything goes in a virtual interview so preparation is key. Have a backup plan in case your internet or power goes out. Make sure you have a phone number to reach your interviewer in case you are cut off. Silence your phone and alarms and eliminate any potential interruptions during your interview. Finally, because conversations may not flow as naturally, read up more than you usually would on your interviewers and prepare extra questions in case the conversation dies down.

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